Tourist Arrested for Wearing ‘Piece of String’ Bikini on Beach

When we’re on vacation, the majority of us enjoy to strip off and catch a killer tan whilst laid on a luscious beach sipping cocktails.

Finding the perfect beachwear is important if you’re wanting to serve some serious looks when sunbathing, but in some countries, they’re pretty strict about what people can and cannot wear when strolling around in public areas.

A Taiwanese tourist was actually arrested and fined for wearing a bikini that resembled a “piece of string” whilst on vacation in the Philippines, so keep scrolling to learn more…Packing for vacation is always pretty stressful.

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And the most stressful part?

Deciding what swimwear to take!It’s important to pack suitable swimwear…

But a lot of people feel comfortable bearing all, and for many… the smaller the better.A lot of beaches around the world hold rules and laws when it comes to wearing swimwear, however…

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A lot of beaches in various locations around the world prohibit guests wearing revealing swimwear and there are restrictions as to how far people can go when trying to dodge them tan lines.Popular vacation locations such as Turkey and Dubai are strict on swimwear.

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