Tiger King Joe Exotic Is Dying

Yikes.The show takes things to a whole new level…

via: Netflix

And it has already been branded as “bonkers” by viewers but that certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t binge-worthy.

But even though it reigned supreme for a while…


After an impressive run, Tiger King is now no longer the most in-demand documentary in the world, bring dethroned by The Last Dance .

But that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped watching it again… And again.

This is mainly because we still can’t believe what we’re seeing. And prepare to be left absolutely speechless when you see the video that we have of Joe Exotic… Read on to see the full clip.Who knew there was such a large cult of exotic animal hoarders in the US?

via: Netflix

Nevertheless, the show brought us some unforgettable moments and some very… eccentric characters. I guess that’s the best way of putting it, right?And one of them just so happened to be Joe Exotic…

via: Netflix

The series is based around his actual life and how it slowly began to spiral out of control, which landed him in some deep trouble.

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