Tiger King Joe Exotic Is Dying

Evidently, people have been sending Joe photos of his husband, Dillon, who has apparently ghosted Joe since his arrest, partying and having relations with other men.The letter is an incredibly bizarre read…

via: TMZ

And, at one point, Exotic even compares his situation to George Floyd’s.

“All riding the white horse of fame at my expense again. Anyone doing films, signing contracts with any of these people should be ashamed of yourselves. This was my life, my parents lives, and I’m not even dead yet. It’s like George Floyd.”He then went on to claim that he isn’t getting the correct medical treatment for his health conditions…

via: TMZ

And consequently could only have “2-3 months left to live.”This sounds a little suspicious to me…

Could this be the work of that b***h Carole Baskin?

Well, many people believe so. 

And, honestly, it really wouldn’t shock me.But Joe’s letter didn’t end there. 

via: IMDB

Nope, the reality star then called upon President Trump on getting a pardon.

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