Tiger King Joe Exotic Is Dying

Joe was sentenced to twenty-two years in prison.His first charge was for conspiracy to murder. 

via: IMDB

He allegedly hired a hitman to take Carole out whilst she was biking down a deserted bike path before the FBI became involved and thus foiled his dangerous plan.And the second was for animal cruelty. 

via: IMDB

Though his treatment of his tigers has always been questionable, it was found that Joe had killed several of the older big cats to make room for new arrivals at his animal park.Most of us believe that this sentencing is more than reasonable. 

via: IMDB

Despite how cooky he comes across as on camera, it’s undeniable that Joe belongs behind bars for his appalling behavior to both his staff and his innocent animals.But others aren’t too convinced. 

Evidently hoodwinked by his “loveable” on-screen persona, many people have been taking to Twitter to protest his sentencing.The hashtag #freejoeexotic was even trending for a while. 

I’ve lost all faith in humanity.So many people are set on seeing Exotic walk free…

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