Richie Rich: Children of the Rich and Famous

Being born with a silver spoon in your mouth isn’t a bad thing, but it sure isn’t easy to deal with either. Children who are born to celebrity homes will probably have an easier life and no financial stress, but on the other hand, they’re constantly under the media’s attention. Everyone wants to know what they’re wearing, where they go, who do they hang out with, and that alone can create a lot of stress. 

These children didn’t ask for their fame. They usually just want to be children. However, some of them are already TV reality stars like Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s baby girl, some of them get to be featured on their famous parents’ albums, like Dj Khaled’s son or Beyoncé and Jay Z’s daughter. 

Take a look at how these celebs take care of their children.

Blue Ivy – Billionaire Baby Club

Even though money comes and goes, it seems likely that little Blue Ivy will go through life without a moment of financial stress. Beyoncé and Jay Z bought a new home for $88 million with 4 outdoor pools, 30,000 square feet living space, a spa and fitness center. 

All that is one big playground for Blue Ivy. She’s already wearing Gucci outfits that cost thousands of dollars. Now with new twins in the family, maybe her wealth will be shared by them, but Mom and Dad together are worth more than $1 billion. So, there’s plenty for everyone.Blue Ivy - Billionaire Baby Club

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