People Are Really Confused By This Front Thong

People Are Really Confused By This Front Thong

Imagine having to cram all your bits into something that resembles a piece of cheese wire. Both at the back and now apparently at the front too. All in the name of fashion. Sounds delightful doesn’t it?

According to Boohoo this is what we want from a fashion retailer. This Basic V Neck Ruched Front Thong Bodysuit is on sale for the next 24 hours at a bargain price of only £7.60 (they must be charging per inch of fabric) and is advertised on their social media as “Clothes to make you feel like you but BETTER.”

Clearly Boohoo know what women want just us much as Mel Gibson did before he could read our minds.

It’s been dubbed a crime against humanity so let’s see what all the fuss is about.Just a little song to get you in the right frame of mind. 

We love this throwback to the late ’90s. We know you are singing along already. That thong th th thong.Let’s take a look at underwear trends through the ages. 

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