Normal Woman Hilariously Recreates Celebrity Instagram Posts

Normal Woman Hilariously Recreates Celebrity Instagram Posts

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that currently exists.

Users are able to share photos of virtually anything they want (not any nudity or gore, obviously) with their followers. For celebrities, they can have millions and millions of followers.

A new trend among teenagers is having a “finsta” and a “rinsta.” The rinsta is a public persona of curated images to make them look cool, whereas the finsta is their unfiltered Instagram account.

For celebrities, their public accounts are basically rinstas, with them posting photos from fabulous locations or their luxury homes that make all of us normal folks feel bad about our lives.

One woman has changed the game on making fun of celebrity Instagram accounts. Celeste Barber is an “actor, Comedian, and Social Media Super” and “is the self-proclaimed queen of everyday sophistication and low budget lifestyle aspirations.”

Celeste pokes fun at unrealistic celebrity photos on her Instagram account and the results are hilarious!

I mean, apparently, Doutzen Kroes, but Celeste does it better!

2. “When you fall over and people see it as a photo op”

Bella Hadid makes this uncomfortable position look glam, but Celeste shows how we’d all feel.

3. Everyone sits on their kitchen counter to drink their detox tea, right?

Kourtney Kardashian is literally one of the hundreds of celebrities who promote detox teas. But has anyone actually tried one and seen results? Celeste’s wine looks more appealing!

4. “Sometimes you’ve gotta put your daughters swimmers on and show the world what you’re packing”

Who is wearing their daughter’s bathing suit, Celeste or Jennifer Lopez?

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