Interesting Roles By Famous Actors Before They Hit Stardom

We all love to stalk, imitate and follow our favorite celebrities on the social media. Their glamorous lifestyle is something that everyone dreams to achieve, but behind all of the luxury and the stardom there is always an untold story to be told. 

Nobody becomes a star overnight; there is grit and determination along with hard work. You will be amazed to know that some of the famous movie stars were mere extras before they became global sensations. Let’s check out what their not-so-illustrious body of work looked like and get inspired to passionately follow our dreams.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Yes the charming Jack from Titanic who catapulted to fame was once a junior artist. He started off with a cringe horror flick ‘Critters’, this is one embarrassing debut as a teen. Even as the world went wild over him with his critically acclaimed films like ‘The Wolf of the Wall Street’ and ‘The Aviator’, he still had to wait decades to win the prestigious Academy Award for the ‘The Revenant’ in 2016. 

Leonardo’s story is like a roller coaster ride; he dipped into failures and basked in success with panache. It will only take a trip to nostalgia for him to sign ‘Critters 5’ for another squirmy binge fest.

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