Husband Exposed as Cheat After Wife Spots Disturbing Detail

Instagram is a platform for those of us who love taking selfies, for those of us who want to snap pictures of our food before we eat it, and for those of us who just want to share precious moments with our friends (and other random people on the internet!).

However, this week, I discovered it to be more than just that. Instagram has now become the ultimate testing ground for relationships. And, no, what I’m about to tell you about is not just a simple case of sliding into someone else’s DMs, but I’m sure that was involved too.. This story involves lies, deceit, and a keen eye for detail.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, be careful what you share on the internet, guys.

Relationships are constantly being plastered all over the internet.

Nothing stays private anymore, especially not in relationships. It always starts with one picture, which leads to ten more, and, before you know it, your whole feed is just a montage of cute moments with your boyfriend.

However, not all moments are necessarily “cute…”

Recently, a social trend swept the globe, wherein girlfriends were exposing their boyfriends’ “mushy texts” in relation to their savage Instagram posts.

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