How Often Should You Have Sex According To Your Age? Find Out!

Sex is sacred, but no more a secret. In today’s world, more and more people are coming out and talking about sex. People want to know how often they can have sex according to their age, as everybody has come to believe that sex is related to a lot of health benefits and a healthy living. The whole world is existing due to sex

Everybody knows that sex lowers the blood pressure, eases stress and anxiety and helps to get a good sleep. But, there is more and that’s the age factor, how much sex should a person have based on his age. Along with this a lot of other things like traditions, mentality, behavior, environment also has to be taken into account.

Well, we bring you a look at how often you should indulge in sex according to your age.

  1. The average age of first intercourse.

Often teenagers have sex when males are 16.8 years old and when females are 17.2 years old according to a study by the Kinley Institute, New Jersey, USA.

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