Fitness Model Hanna Oberg Flaunts Sculpted Body To Show Her Four Months Workout – VIDEO

Throughout the video, Hanna turned her body from side to side to give her followers a view of all angles of her k-iller phys-ique. When she turned her back to the camera, she showed off her scu-lpted bo-oty.In the second part of the post, Hanna put a short video clip of her body seven days postpa-rtum next to the clip of her current fi-gure.

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4 months postpartum this week. PLEASE READ can I be honest.. I’ve worked on my own body for yeeears and years. struggled through weights and sweaty sessions. felt unmotivated to go to the gym but still made it through. worked to be the best version of myself…last year I made a great progress and I was really happy and proud about that and my body.. when I found out I was pregnant I got a bit nervous of the bounce back to the gym and my body. when can I start training again? when can I be back in the gym? will I get my body back? how will my body change? the questions were many. along the pregnancy I got a lottt of questions from other pregnant women and also from non pregnant women thinking about creating a family. YOU KNOW WHAT.. non of those questions will matter when you get that baby in your arms. and they shouldn’t. you just created a new LIFE. that’s the only focus. I’ve let my body rest completely after the birth. I’ve given it time to heal and recover and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I haven’t stressed a second about it. and I think THAT is the reason of my bounce back to this shape today! remember 🤍 we are all different! We have different pregnancies. we get different results from training and we recover differently. that’s the beauty in all bodies out there! . wearing one of my faaaave sets from @loungeunderwear not kidding one of the comfiest sets I have. and you gals knooow I’m always honest. these make me feel like a sassy mama proud of my bod 🙏🏼 discount code is HANNA10 if you wanna join the comfy squad Swipe to see my shape 7days PP and today 4months PP

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The difference could be seen namely in the model’s midsection and face, while the rest of her body had clearly become fi-rmer and more sha-pely after months of regular training.

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