75 weird & rare coincidences caught on camera at perfect time

75 weird & rare coincidences caught on camera at perfect time

Some people believe that coincidences are nothing more than a series of random events that have no underlying message or meaning, and there’s no supernatural intelligence running the show. Things happen because they just do.

But, others will tell you that there’s no such thing as coincidences! Whether they call it fate, destiny, or the Universe being cheeky, when the stars get all their ducks lined up in a row, it’s more than just a happy accident. It’s a MESSAGE!

No matter which camp you fall under, these photos of 75 weird and strange coincidences, one-in-million-odds, and other rare circumstances are almost too surreal to pass off as mere happenstance.

“The mountains and trees lined up perfectly on this camper on the highway.”

It took the driver a few tries to snap this photo to get the mountains lined up just right. Even so, it’s plain to see that this particular truck, the peaks on those mountains, and him being there all at the same time was perfection in the making.

“Right place, right time.”

Cookies and energy drinks go together like two sugar peas in a pod. I can just hear the Cookie Monster begging for a “cooooookieeeee” in my head right now!

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