75 people who belong in the Walmart hall of fame

75 people who belong in the Walmart hall of fame

Walmart is an interesting place. Ever since its start, it’s been where people go to score a broad range of goods at low prices. But it’s also gained a reputation for drawing in some… interesting people, for lack of a better word. Even Walmart staff themselves has made jokes during cold weather encouraging people to wear two pairs of pajamas.

But it’s not all about people in various stages of undress. At Walmart, you’ll also see individuals in bizarre costumes and even with wild animals. Some store locations are open 24 hours a day, which means it attracts all the weird people who come out in the wee hours of the night. Then, of course, are the news headlines that make you think “That could only happen at Walmart.” Unsurprisingly, they usually involve the cops getting called.

But as much as we laugh at them, most of us still think that Walmart is a pretty handy place to go when needing some cough syrup at 11 o’clock at night or a couple of cheap notebooks. And whenever we hit the store, we keep one eye open for the weird, wacky, and wonderful people that we might just see there.

1. Classy

There’s nothing like proclaiming a porn habit loudly and proudly for everyone to see while you’re doing your shopping at a “family-friendly” store. To make it even better, he’s got all the details written in the fine print.

2. Why wear one Santa hat when you can wear four?

This guy doesn’t just make you wonder why he’s doing his shopping as Punk Santa, but how Punk Santa even came to be. I especially like the four tiny Santa hats.

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