65 clothing disasters people didn’t notice until it was too late

Not everyone keeps up with the latest fashion trends, but we can all generally agree on which styles have missed the mark by a long shot. And guess what, ugly clothing is never in style!

As these 65 hilarious, creepy, and utterly tasteless clothing disasters show, if you wear unicorn sweaters with obvious male parts or leggings with sloths poking out the crotch, you WILL get a lot of awkward stares from strangers!

So, the next time you put on an outfit, make sure you look at it from every possible angle before you head out the door.

“TrollX Fabric Designer”

Congratulations, Miss! It looks like you’re having a boy…


“At first I thought it was a random patch of woven yarn for ventilation purposes.”

“Wife: “All our customers were so cheery today! They all smiled!” – and then I saw her shirt…”

And now everyone on the Internet is smiling, too! What a great way to get everyone in a happy mood.


“I didn’t even realize right away that there was a second image, and just went, “Boobs suggesting that I smile and bribing me with…boobs? That’s fair.” and smiled.”

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