60 smart alecs that took sarcasm to another level

60 smart alecs that took sarcasm to another level


The saying goes that there is always a smart ass in every crowd. There are just a certain number of people who just cannot resist getting in the last word usually with some type of sarcasm. There is no age restriction on this either. There are those who tend to be sarcastic because they have a spiteful nature, but then there are also a lot who just can’t resist because it is funny.

Here is a collection of some of our favorite smartalecs that couldn’t resist a good quip.

Mystery that will remain mysterious


When the bookstore staff isn’t helping patrons, they amuse themselves with patron tears by turning the books you’re itching to browse backward.

You’re welcome.

Taking Instructions Literally


Mom left her daughter a note to clean the bathroom as if the Queen of England was coming for a visit. Excellent, sarcastic young one. Excellent.

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