60 People whose snarky remarks were seriously spot-on

60 People whose snarky remarks were seriously spot-on

Some people are just too snarky for their own good. While the rest of us struggle to find the right words in any situation or are just to polite to say what everyone else is thinking, these people don’t hold back, dropping sassy comments and savage replies all over the internet and in real life. We’ve gathered together 60 of the snarkiest comments just for you. Enjoy.


Having a height difference in a relationship doesn’t have to be a problem, and there are plenty of happy couples out there who overcome this little (or large) issue. But when you post about it online, you open yourself up to some snarky attacks, just like this one.

She’s Not Wrong

Some creepy dude standing too close on a rush hour train probably isn’t quite what this girl had in mind when she shared that photo.

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