60 instagram influencers that look nothing like their photos online

60 instagram influencers that look nothing like their photos online

What we see in the media has a profound effect on what we think about ourselves and others and how we live our lives. Most of these effects are subconscious and can negatively affect women since the media is filled with unrealistic images of women.

These images have created a “toxic cultural environment” that has caused women to have eating disorders and negative views of their bodies. Author and ad critic Jean Kilbourne, who is behind the documentary Killing Us Softly, says that the average American woman encounters 3,000 advertisements per day. They are constantly bombarded by images of unrealistic body proportions and women who are airbrushed and Photoshopped to look flawless. They think what they see is real and that they should look this way, yet is just illusions used to sell products and control our ideals.

“Women and girls compare themselves to these images every day,” Kilbourne said. “And failure to live up to them is inevitable because they are based on a flawlessness that doesn’t exist.”

It has caused an astounding 50 percent of girls aged 3 to 6-years-old to worry about their weight. Women in the island of Fiji rushed to start diets and began thinking something was wrong with them after television arrived on their island. But they are trying to attain something that isn’t real because the images they see are altered. If these images are real, it’s likely that the women in them aren’t totally healthy.

Instagram account beauty.false is blowing the lid on these images showing models and influencers that modified their pictures to perfection and then images of them in everyday life. The contrast is stark showing that these women in ads aren’t perfect and look like us causing many to consider that maybe we’re all just perfect the way we are.

Speaking of misleading photos, there’s no way to tell where beauty.false gets their photos from or if the way they are represented are totally accurate. So, you’ll just have to make up your own mind! Either way, these images help us to strive to live in truth and at least try to be happy with whatever we’re working with, whether we seek to improve that or not.


Angle and Pose


Sometimes all it takes is an angle and pose to change the way we feel about our bodies. A different cut in clothing can also make all the difference. Still, it’s the same body behind those clothes and poses.

We Have Acne’


Models have to wear a lot of makeup so that it shows up properly in photos. That causes them to get acne. You’d never know that since so many photos are retouched.

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