50 Things overlooked in movies that bother people

50 Things overlooked in movies that bother people

Who doesn’t love watching movies, right? Going to cinemas and enjoying a great film with family, friends, loved ones or even by yourself can be stress-relieving. Out of excitement on watching a new movie, we sometimes tend to overlook certain details. Really seeing these details, had we paid more attention to them, would certainly turn the way we see the movie and would leave us totally bothered!

Curious about these movie details? Let us give you 50 examples of them! After seeing these 50 bothersome movie details, we are certain you won’t look at these movies the same way again.

1. Surprise! It’s the Joker!

Surely, the Joker in the Batman series has a really remarkable face. You simply can’t miss that terribly white foundation and black eye make-up. Apparently, Harvey Dent did not feel the same as the rest of us since he was not able to identify Joker just because he wore a doctor’s mask! Really, Harvey? This is not just about bad eyesight. It’s bad judgement!

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