50 Photos people saw on their phones that they are sure they didn’t take

Phones are expensive, but they’re so common that many of us take them for granted. We let them fall from our pockets, leave them in restaurants, lose them on planes, and head off to the bathroom with our phones at the mercy of our obnoxious friends.

It turns out people (and animals!) who find phones just can’t help but leave a little memento behind.

And as you probably know, plenty of phones don’t need to be unlocked with a password to take a photo, so anyone can bestow the gift of the selfie upon you.

These 60 photos are ones smartphone owners found in their albums and they KNOW they didn’t take themselves. Some are mysteries while others are anything but.

1. Begin the greatest

Source: HatesNewUsernames/Reddit

Ok, so maybe we’re cheating here with this famous selfie cat since he’s encouraged to take his own photos.

But just check out this shot. This is way better than most group photos we’ve taken on purpose!

2. Paw power

Source: @Laxlizard2/Twitter

This phone owner was gathering up balls in the backyard and put their phone down for a minute only to find their dog hovering over it when they got back.

We think this pup needs to learn more about flattering angles.

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