50 Parents Who Pranked Their Kids Mercilessly

50 Parents Who Pranked Their Kids Mercilessly

Parents have different ways of raising their kids. Some of them implement strict rules at home while others tend to watch their kids’ every move. There are also parents who like to allow their kids to explore and develop skills and behaviors on their own.

And then there are parents who like to pull pranks on their kids. There’s nothing wrong with this method. In fact, it’s actually good as it makes things more fun for the family.

If you’re doubting that, here are 50 parents who nailed parenting by pranking their kids.

1. The reason

Most people would find this funny. However, for a kid who’s feeling inferior about his sibling, it’s probably not the best response from a parent. Let’s just hope that this kid has a good sense of humor and awesome relationship with the parent and his brother.

2. Clever

It’s not easy to convince toddlers to drink their medicine. Apart from the screaming and running, you also have to deal with the loud cries. To avoid all those things, this parent came with a very clever solution. This kid will never be able to tell the difference, right?

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