40 people who took an idea to the wacky level

40 people who took an idea to the wacky level

Imagine you’re walking down the street and you see a telephone booth filled with goldfish. Then you look over to your left, and suddenly, there’s a car wrapped entirely in aluminum foil. You might be surprised to learn that these things really happen to people!

The truth is that some ideas are so insane, they are actually hard to explain. Every single one of these 50 images likely has some sort of logical explanation or backstory. Yet, we can’t for the life of us figure out what those explanations are. We’re just along for the ride.

1. Winter Activities

Only the Russians would think it’s a good idea to ride a bike on a frozen lake in shorts and a t-shirt. It sounds like fun, but seriously, these people must be made of ice. It’s the middle of winter!

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