40 Body Cues That Reveal Truth About Your Relationships

40 Body Cues That Reveal Truth About Your Relationships


Do you want to know if your relationship is going well? Are you looking for clues?

We all want to know if the people in our life actually want to be there or if they’re just hanging around.

Here are forty ways to tell if they are genuinely interested in you.

#1 Eye contact


When people make eye contact, it can mean that they are being honest or are interested in the person they are speaking to.

If their eyes always seem to be somewhere else, they may be lying or feeling disconnected from you emotionally.

#2 A pat on the back


A pat on the back can be comforting gesture from a friend.

However, if you are interested in the person romantically, you may want to reel your feelings back in. Chances are, they see themselves as a part of your team, not as a romantic partner.

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