35 Walmart Shoppers Whose Attempts At Being Sexy Are Very Disturbing

35 Walmart Shoppers Whose Attempts At Being Sexy Are Very Disturbing

Walmart is great if you want to get paper towel, electronics, and cereal rather cheap, but the real riches come in the form of the people that you see there.

Long story short, there’s always a story, and half of the time you could swear you saw that story told on a recent episode of Maury Povich. That’s to say that the crowd is…interesting, and if you need any more proof, check out some of these shots from People of Walmart.

If there’s a whole website dedicated to this crowd, you know it has to be so bad it’s good.

All for one…

via: People of Walmart

…and one leopard-print onesie for all!

Take notes for your next family shopping trip.

Dress to Impress

via: People of Walmart

Going out to the club?

Be sure to get all fancied up and hit the local Walmart first, making sure to flash a smile (and only flash a smile) at the camera.


via: Reddit

What? You’ve never seen a Walmart conga line?

This is how it’s done, folks.

No Thanks

via: Reddit

This pair of shoes defeats the purposes of both sneakers and heels!! This is the most useless shoe. How? Why? Whyyyyyy?

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