25 Incredible Photobombs That Actually Make The Picture 1000 Times Better

25 Incredible Photobombs That Actually Make The Picture 1000 Times Better

Taking pictures is a perfect way to capture the special moments of our lives. From the time a baby first opens their eyes to a person’s hundredth birthday party, photographs can help us hold on to life’s special memories. Yet no matter how hard we try, pictures don’t always turn out as planned…

Whether you accidentally place a finger in front of the lens or someone walks in front of your shot, these joyous moments can just as quickly be turned on their heads. Luckily, this can often lead to a photograph becoming even better than expected. Just take these 25 examples of times a photobomb made a picture 100 percent better…

1. It’s pretty hard to organize everyone together for a group photo. Even harder? Trying to coordinate with someone who’s completely out of earshot. (Hint: take a peek at the man in the background…)

2. This young couple is clearly having a great time at their friend’s wedding, but the same can’t be said for everyone in attendance. Just check out the girl flipping the double bird to someone in the background!

3. Mountaintops make for incredible backdrops in photographs, especially ones that are meant to be romantic. The next time this couple dips to kiss in front of a beautiful landscape, though, they’ll want to be sure to wait until this gentleman passes by.

4. Taking a photograph with the family dog is generally a pretty easy task, but the same can’t be said for cats. With minds of their own, they never seem to stop moving while you snap a pic… unless it’s to ruin their owner’s picture by suddenly popping into the frame.

5. “Just got back from Iceland—was going through my pictures and found the best photobomb of all time.” You have to imagine this happy accident beats any other touristy photos she took while on vacation!

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