25+ Hilarious Tattoos That Didn’t Quite Turn Out The Way People Intended

25+ Hilarious Tattoos That Didn’t Quite Turn Out The Way People Intended

For the most part, tattoos are permanent so it’s important to pick out something you can live with forever. Some choose artistic tattoos or clever couple tattoos while others make choices that will have you scratching your head. Nothing spells out ‘tattoo fails’ like getting one that has a spelling mistake or doesn’t make sense except for you.

When it comes to finally get your tattoo, it’s important to find the right tattoo artist and not cheap out on prices either. Quality costs money but the following 25 people with tattoo fails most likely didn’t follow that advice or simply wanted something ridiculous!

1) Math is important. Stay in school!

25 Funny Tattoo Fails - Math is important. Stay in school!

“99% pizza. 17% angel. F*** math.”

2) Such a great idea. Not.

25 Funny Tattoo Fails - Such a great idea. Not.

3) Waht just happened? Tattoo fails just happened.

25 Funny Tattoo Fails - Waht just happened?
Instagram / @dirty_memes_69

“I hope she stayed strong: Stay strong no matter wath happens.”

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