16 Pics That Made People Say, “Oops! Forgot About That!”

16 Pics That Made People Say, “Oops! Forgot About That!”

That feeling when deep in your heart you struggle to recall something!
But fail to distinguish what on earth it is. The folks below felt the exact way.


When they reached the crime scene



It opened like a book then in their minds. These photos will make you feel dumb for these numb fellows.
Adhere to the friendly advice of not doing these things.


Please call



Yo man! I’ll spend a life time talking to you on phone only if you remembered your number.
This bus ad is a glaring stigma on the credibility of these attorneys.


Hey, she is not the one



The giant weight on your shoulder can’t just be wind man. It is a living human. Your girlfriend!
I can foresee he will pay a heavy price for this.

Snow skeleton


Either a person was murdered there or someone did not recall the Halloween flags in the backyard.

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