15+ ‘Naughty’ Jokes Hidden In Cartoons That You Probably Missed Growing Up

15+ ‘Naughty’ Jokes Hidden In Cartoons That You Probably Missed Growing Up

Some of the best cartoons go right over the head’s of children and have jokes that only adults are meant to understand. Have you ever watched some cartoons later as an adult and picked up on all those meanings that you missed as a kid?

Well, here are 20 of the most hilarious jokes found in cartoons that are borderline inappropriate for children.

1) The Accident
When your parents weren’t expecting you and now you’re their “accident” and unwanted pregnancy becomes a joke.

2) Daffy Duck Reading a Nudie Mag

Most kids wouldn’t be able to pick on the reference to a nudie mag while Daffy Duck reads a “Playduck” which is a play on “Playboy.”

3) Size Matters in the Kingdom of Far Far Away

Lord Farquad seemed to be compensating for something by making his castle so big.

4) Being the Flash Isn’t All That It’s Cracked Up To Be

Especially, when it comes to dating.

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