11 Problems That Every Women Can Relate To

11 Problems That Every Women Can Relate To

Throughout history, women have been conditioned to focus on their appearance. So much so that some women today still spend hours trying to look “beautiful.”

Many of us choose to go to great lengths to achieve this goal by spending hundreds of dollars on makeup and other products or causing ourselves physical pain (we’re looking at you high heels).

And even then, sometimes things just don’t go the way we planned them to. Conforming to societal standards for female beauty is no easy task for a woman. However, many women do it anyways.

Afterall, we are the alleged “fairer sex” and sometimes it’s nice to play to part.

Next time you see a woman in all of her exquisite glory, you’ll know what she’s put herself through after checking out these photos by illustrator Anna Syrovatkina.

1) The Evolving (or Devolving) Woman


The expectation for women to take on societal standards of beauty has changed quite a bit over the years. Why young teens were once allowed to enjoy their awkward adolescent years, nowadays most 14-years-olds look like 18-years-olds and model their appearance after celebrities like the Kardashians.

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