11 Celebrities Copied Their Colleagues’ Outfits, and We Can’t Decide Who Wins This Fashion Battle

Kate Moss and Sienna Miller

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The cold war between Kate Moss and Sienna Miller has been going on for over 10 years. As usual, it all started with a man. The fact is that Miller stole Jude Law from the model’s best friend, actress Sadie Frost. And the fact that Sienna takes inspiration from Kate’s outfits only adds fuel to the fire. Jeans and sweaters with stripes, leopard prints, fur coats and jackets, fringe boots — these clothing elements give us a reason to believe that Jude Law’s ex-lover borrows from Kate’s ideas.

Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande

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Grande imitates her idol, Mariah Carey, in everything — in her manner of performance, style of music, behavior, and looks. And it seems like she isn’t even trying to hide it. Short tops, denim shorts, tight dresses with corsets — all of these clothing ideas were borrowed from Carey’s wardrobe. But Ariana also has her own signature style that many of her fans have adopted — her famous high ponytail.

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